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Getting started:
  1. To start hosting your website here you first need to make an account. You can do so by clicking on Login/Account in the lower left corner.
    That will take you to the login screen. There you can click on "create new account".

  2. After supplying the necessary data and clicking "create", your account is ready, and you get forwarded to your account page.

  3. Since you have no sites, you first need to create one.

    Click "new site" under "My Sites".

    Fill in the name of your site. This name will be used to make your site accessible at SITENAME.ellyps.net
    Optionally, if you have already registered a domain name you can enter that at "Full domain name" and it will point to the site. If you first want to make your site, and then register a domainname, don't worry, you can change that later. Click on "create".

  4. If you now go to http://SITENAME.ellyps.net/, where SITENAME is what you entered as your "sitename" when you created the account, you will see a very simple default page (you might need to wait < 1 minute for the webserver to pick up the changes).
    So if, for example, you supplied "ponies" as your sitename, you can go to http://ponies.ellyps.net/

  5. To access your website's files you need a webdav client. Don't worry, both KDE and GNOME already have them build in.

    • With KDE you can use the konqueror web-browser/file-manager.
    • With GNOME you can use the nautilus web-browser/file-manager.
    • And for other environments there's cadaver.

Making a site with webdav:

Web programming with guile scheme: