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Example with KDE:
  1. You just created ponies.ellyps.net, and on the site it reads "welcome to your new site".
    You want to edit this to "welcome to *my* new site".

    In the addressbar of konqueror you type "webdavs://hosting.ellyps.net/~iloveponies" , where iloveponies is your username.

    This gives you an authentication screen where you need to give in your username and password. If everything checks out you get a listing of all your sites, right now this is only "ponies".

    If you click on "ponies", you get a file listing of all the files that make up your site.
    The file "index.html" is the file the webserver automatically shows when someone asks to see http://ponies.ellyps.net

    Now if you right-click on "index.html", you get a menuoption that reads "Open With", if you move the mousepointer there, you get to see several programs you can open the file with, depending on how KDE was installed. Let's say you choose quanta plus, an editor especially made for working with html. Quanta plus now opens the file index.html for editing. You scroll down a little and find the line that says "welcome to your new site", and edit that to read "welcome to my new site".

    Now, if you save it by clicking on the floppy-disk save icon, your changes are immediately reflected in the site itself!.

  2. If you want to spice up your site with some images, it's easy with webdav and even easier with KDE.

    You found a great image at http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Pony.jpg and you'd like to have that on your site.
    Just save the image to your Desktop and when it's saved drag and drop it from your desktop to the webdav folder in konqueror.

    To have the image show up on your site, you edit index.html and add something like
    <p><img src="Pony.jpg"></img></p>
    under the html for "welcome to my site".

    With konqueror there is no need to first save the image to your desktop though. You can change the view with the "Window" menu and select "Split view Left/Right"
    In the left window you keep the webdav, and in the right window the browser.
    Now when you want to put an image on your site, simply drag and drop directly from the webpage and add the necessary <img> tags.